Customer Success: Attitudes to Training, Certification & CPD

Customer Success is about three things: people, leadership, and change. In that order. There is a lot of writing available on the principles and mechanics of Customer Success. There is also quite an inventory at a conceptional level on customer-centered businesses and customer focus. This is great, but what’s often missing is how to develop our people, how to reframe leadership, and how to systematically apply change management strategies, all in the service of Customer Success.

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It’s Time to Rethink Employee Engagement Benchmarking

“Wait, is that good?” That’s usually the first question that comes to mind when we get employee engagement survey results. Instinctively, our next step is to look for benchmarks. Unfortunately, comparing your engagement scores to other companies’ (even if they share your industry or headcount) isn’t as useful as you might think. As HR consultant

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What the Strategic CCO Should be Focused On

Most CCOs who struggle at the enterprise level do so because they’re too tactical and process-oriented. They haven’t developed the strategic, long-term company and departmental vision required of top executives. CCOs who are too tactical have a tough time both engaging with their executive peers, and working through what their role entails versus the Sales or Marketing org.

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