How To Get C-Suite Buy-in on Your Customer Experience Initiatives: CMSWire

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Another great article from Phil Britt at CMSWire, with excellent input from Jon Picoult of Watermark Consulting. Thank you Phil for my opportunity to contribute.

Ultimately, the best demonstration of a successful CX strategy is showing improved customer acquisition and retention rates; improved share of wallet for specific markets or customers; incremental revenue; and even margin.

The first step is to show operational improvements in areas such as:

  1. Effort: Is doing business with us easier?
  2. Deployment: Are product implementations (or new product introductions) and updates faster and more effective?
  3. Relationship: Can we be better counted on as a trusted partner?
  4. Issue Resolution: When things go wrong, do we correct the situation more effectively and faster?
  5. Transactions: Are we increasingly straightforward, efficient, and transparent when we transact with you?
  6. Product Quality: Do we do a better job delivering the product you expected?
  7. Value: Are we doing better in helping you achieve your desired outcomes?
  8. Renewal: Are you more likely to buy from us again?
  9. Reference-ability: Are you more likely to recommend us to someone else?
  10. Engagement: Are we improving in how we adapt to your style of interaction and transaction?

I’m a believer of focusing on continuous improvement in any and all of the above, versus setting specific, arbitrary values as goals.

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