How Well Do Consumer Expectations Relate to B2B Buyers and Sellers?

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So many of us have talked extensively about the impact of B2C expectations on the world of B2B. Indeed, consumer experience has had a huge effect on business buyers and how we sell and deliver to them.

I’ve adapted a set of B2C best practices from an article in Forbes, and then I relate them to B2B CustomerStrategy drivers. Thank you to the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) for the inspiring lessons.

Adapted B2C Best Practices:

  1. We’re in the reorder business: focus on retention
  2. We deliver with simplicity: eliminate effort
  3. We are a trusted partner: master the customer’s business
  4. We solve our customer’s problems: measure CustomerValue
  5. We capture our audience: drive CustomerEngagement
  6. We foster empowerment: enable CustomerAdoption
  7. We ask for direct feedback: VOC program
  8. We provide “white glove” experiences: create Brand Advocacy
B2C Lessons for B2B

How To Enhance Your Business’s User Experience: Eight Vital Lessons

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