Leaping Into Digital Transformation? Hang On Just a Minute

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Everybody is talking about #DigitalTransformation & the need to accelerate those pre-COVID plans. Will that get your business #OnTrack for the ‘new normal?’

Is digital transformation the same as technology-driven transformation? Is it the same as IT modernization? What about business transformation? Or customer-driven transformation? The what-to-do-now imperatives can be baffling.

There’s clearly a pressing need to transact differently in a pandemic-riddled world. You have to meet customers where they are now: at home; curbside; 6-feet away & masked; on Zoom, on Twitter.

Getting from yesterday’s model to today’s means speeding up old omni-channel strategies, for sure. While you’re at it, shift as much as possible to #TheCloud. As a technologist, I’m all for it. As a #CCO, I am as well. But let’s take a beat. Then proceed as follows:

Step 1: Develop your new #CustomerStrategy. Examine & define a fresh approach for customer acquisition, #retention, #effort, #engagement, adoption, #value, and #BrandAdvocacy.

Step 2: Digitize like crazy (in the cloud)—in service of your Customer Strategy objectives.

Whether you’re in the public sector or you run a business, the process is the same.

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