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How to Help Your Customers Realize Value A Four-Part Series Jeb Dasteel | Amir Hartman This is the first article in a four-part series on value realization and the subscription economy, where nearly any product can be delivered as-a-service. In this setting, helping customers realize and measure the value they have attained is more important

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You Really Do Need a Customer Strategy

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are under pressure to further digitize and improve their customers’ experience. Unifying the customer experience across channels is a rallying cry against threats from competitors who are faster and more innovative. Developing new strategies is further complicated by confusing and conflicting concepts such as CustomerExperience, Customer Success,

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Why Shouldn’t The Employee Experience Start With The Customer?

Can you have a truly great Customer Experience without a great Employee Experience? Nope. Read an article about employee experience or employee JourneyMapping and exchange the word “customer” for “employee” and it generally makes perfect sense. It’s about engagement, retention, segments, personas, crucial moments, empathy, and results. For customers and employees alike, focus on optimizing

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Leaping Into Digital Transformation? Hang On Just a Minute

Everybody is talking about #DigitalTransformation & the need to accelerate those pre-COVID plans. Will that get your business #OnTrack for the ‘new normal?’ Is digital transformation the same as technology-driven transformation? Is it the same as IT modernization? What about business transformation? Or customer-driven transformation? The what-to-do-now imperatives can be baffling. There’s clearly a pressing

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Thought Leadership: A Competitive Weapon

Thought leadership: A fuzzy term defined differently for different contexts. I think of it as the ability to set the direction (or vision) for an industry, a concept, a business model, or achieving success in any serious endeavor. Set the direction smartly and others will follow. In business, Thought Leadership is about setting the tone

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3 Areas Where CCOs and CIOs Can Partner To Build Competitive Advantage

We continue to see the role of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) evolve. While in the past, we saw the CCO role primarily defined as improving customer experience and championing a customer centric approach, CCOs today play a critical role in shaping customer strategy, driving customer growth, engagement, retention, and advocacy across all levels of

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How to conduct customer surveys that engage customers and enlighten you

Customer surveys are a crucial source of insight for organisations, so that they can learn about the experiences they are delivering, the customer satisfaction levels they are achieving, and the preferences of their customers. However, even though surveys can translate into improved experiences, products and services, customer enthusiasm for them has waned.   Part of the

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