You Really Do Need a Customer Strategy

photo of employee serves coffee to customer

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are under pressure to further digitize and improve their customers’ experience. Unifying the customer experience across channels is a rallying cry against threats from competitors who are faster and more innovative.

Developing new strategies is further complicated by confusing and conflicting concepts such as CustomerExperience, Customer Success, Customer Focus, and Customer Centricity. Long-term growth, new markets, product innovation, and enduring competitive advantage can be attained through creating a common approach to customer acquisition, retention, engagement, value realization, and brand advocacy. This requires engagement of the entire executive suite and careful orchestration. Without this broad view, tactical improvements can be made. But that isn’t enough to survive, and then thrive and lead in our increasingly complicated world.

Establishing the need for a comprehensive Customer Strategy is the first step toward customer-oriented transformation.

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